Welcome to the ÉpStan Dashboard!

The Luxembourg school monitoring programme “Épreuves Standardisées” (ÉpStan) assesses students’ academic competencies, learning motivation and attitudes towards school at the beginning of each learning cycle of compulsory education (i.e., at the beginning of grade levels 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9). Each year, the entire student population in each of the concerned grade levels participates in the ÉpStan (ca. 28.000 students). Through the unique Luxembourg school monitoring programme, LUCET, the Luxembourg Centre for Educational Testing, is not only providing timely and policy-relevant information to national educational stakeholders, but also assembling a unique and incredibly rich longitudinal database—future panels are actually entire cohorts—about the evolution of students’ competency profiles and their pathways through school—and possibly through life. With the ÉpStan Dashboard, you can browse the unique ÉpStan database, and create tailor-made report documents according to your domain of interest or research question. Simply select the grade level, time period and test of interest, tick your preferred method of displaying the results (means or proficiency levels), and choose up to two social factors (e.g. gender, language background) to group the requested data. Get started!